Services: Security, Monitoring


When it comes to security, the cloud can be the worst place to be or the best. Ceryx cloud solutions, fully managed by Cloud Control, can demonstrate security levels often far surpassing the best of an on-premises solution. We start with ISO 27001 and SAS 70 Type II certifications. Then we go much, much further. Cloud Control’s advanced permission sets, policy definitions and extreme auditing capabilities ensure than security applies to the most granular level. No “super user” exceptions, back-doors or improperly delegated support techs can abrogate the policies you set. And every system action possible is logged and audited. Only Ceryx allows you, our client to deny us (your service provider) access to your data – right from the control panel! (Does this sound like “cloud” to you?)



Ceryx continuously monitors the status of all systems by using a suite of industry-leading tools and hardware utilities. Years of experience and developed monitoring guidelines allow us to detect and repair hardware and software errors and failures before they become critical.

Ceryx maintains an extremely proactive approach to system, network and application monitoring. By employing a number of trending and graphing utilities we determine growth and scaling requirements long before hard capacity limits are met or exceeded.

The Ceryx process for performance monitoring helps to ensure that problems are regularly caught and addressed before end users see any impact.