Application Integration, Encryption, Archiving, Security

Application Integration

Protecting your current and future investment

Ceryx’s solutions integrate with any number of complementary technologies. Our expert team can accomplish integration to limitless 3rd party applications to ensure support of the enterprise’s current and future IT initiatives.

Examples of integrated applications include:

Encryption Solutions

Encrypted Mail Gateway is a policy-based managed encryption solution that provides organizations with an easy way to enforce email encryption without changing the way employees send and receive emails. The policy engine encrypts the messages based on pre-defined corporate policies and enforces compliance by associating rules to specific content. All Encrypted messages are digitally signed and can be validated to prove compliance.

Archiving Solutions

Flexibility and Trusted Advice to Meet Your Needs

Archiving is one of the most complex areas of Enterprise requirements, made all the more so by a potentially confusing marketplace that includes native Exchange capabilities and those of 3rd party specialized applications. Ceryx has deep subject matter expertise and a vendor-agnostic position in archiving. We are happy to integrate and support leading 3rd party applications such as:

We also understand the subtleties of interoperation with the Microsoft Exchange platform which offers advanced archiving and journaling capabilities, yet may not fully meet the needs of every client. Ceryx sales engineering experts are available to help plan, document and cost the correct archiving strategy for your operation, without bias towards a particular vendor.
We offer both SaaS and purpose-built archiving solutions that can perform management, compliance or e-discovery for all of your Messaging and Collaboration data. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Email and attachments (Microsoft Exchange)
  • Instant messages (IM) – (Lync)
  • Bloomberg messages
  • BlackBerry
  • SharePoint documents – (SharePoint)