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Ceryx Strategic Partnerships

Ceryx is privileged to support global IT leaders including IBMCompuCom, and Bell.

Ceryx Technology Partners

Ceryx enjoys a long-standing, award-winning partnership with Microsoft.

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How Ceryx partners win in the Cloud Messaging Space

In business, to be the leader you’ve got to be the best. Ceryx leadership comes from being a Microsoft Exchange cloud solutions specialist. Because we specialize, we are able to help other service providers by sharing our expertise, differentiation and business model to enable our partners to succeed in the cloud messaging space.

If you are an IT managed services company, it may be safe to say you are not a 100%-dedicated Microsoft Exchange solution specialist. Would you like to be? If so, Ceryx can help.

100% Private Branded N-Tier Control Panel

Ceryx offers the world’s only private cloud administrative console. It’s called Cloud Control and it offers 100% granular, secure management control over all AD-related Microsoft services and 3rd party applications such as BES, archiving and others. It’s made for service providers so you can manage your clients as they can manage the Ceryx-sourced services you provide to them.

Powerful Support Model (Make more margin!)

Our service provider console reduces your Tier 2 support by seamlessly connecting your view of your clients. Fewer tickets, faster MTTR, end-user ticketing system integration…all combine to reduce your support-side costs.

Choice of Three Delivery Models

Customers like choice. We offer Private Cloud, Private Managed solutions, Enterprise Cloud, and Office 365/Hybrid solutions.

Compelling Business Metrics

Low end user prices that compete, high margins to reward your efforts and best-in-class SLAs. Ceryx thrives on aggressive metrics and so will you in a Ceryx partnership.

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