Cloud Control Saves More than Time and Money

Ceryx and Cloud Control solves mission-critical issues and real world problems for enterprise customers. Read on:

Mobile access repaired in minutes

Why isn’t this key exec getting his mobile email? An important executive from a multinational company is waiting for a crucial email to close one of the biggest deals in their pipeline. Suddenly he is panicking when he realized he is not getting his emails on his BlackBerry. He is at an offsite meeting and […] CONTINUE READING »

Detailed audit capabilities

Who is accessing the M&A VP’s email account? A security breach is uncovered during a routine audit. Someone has access to the mailbox belonging to the head of mergers and acquisitions. With the company’s ongoing and highly sensitive M&A discussions, this unauthorized access couldn’t have come at a worse time. To determine who has access […] CONTINUE READING »

Cloud Control reduces onboarding time

How does your organization handle new employee onboarding? As companies grow and use more systems, onboarding processes become longer. One large multinational customer required a 30 page manual to document their onboarding process, and every new employee involved multiple teams over several days. Onboarding a new hire could easily take weeks. Not only was this […] CONTINUE READING »