Cloud Control reduces onboarding time

How does your organization handle new employee onboarding?

As companies grow and use more systems, onboarding processes become longer. One large multinational customer required a 30 page manual to document their onboarding process, and every new employee involved multiple teams over several days. Onboarding a new hire could easily take weeks. Not only was this inefficient and costly, it was bad for morale.

Cloud Control communicates with the entire suite of your messaging and collaboration systems and offers access and control from a convenient central control panel. One single employee is able to administer and provision all the messaging services to one or multiple new hires in a matter of minutes. No more delays transferring tickets between teams and no need to have highly technical resources spend their valuable time onboarding employees. Unless your enterprise has spent tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading your infrastructure with a custom onboarding system, your onboarding process might look like this:

Standard Onboarding

HR has a new hire. She fills out the new employee paperwork, and sends his information over to Security. Security adds him to Active Directory, and passes his info over to the IT department.


Someone in IT sets up his email account, including his permissions, the size of his mailbox, his password, and other details. His file then gets transferred over to the team in Mobility and they set up his mobile account and permissions. Once that’s done, his growing file gets passed to another team who provide him access to SharePoint and Lync. Some of these team members are highly skilled technicians and this takes them away from other pressing tasks. This process continues with as many systems as your enterprise uses and maintains until the new hire is fully onboarded.

Onboarding with Cloud Control

HR has a new hire. She fills out the new employee paperwork, and sends his information over to an employee with access to Cloud Control. One single mid-level employee uses Cloud Control to access all of the individual systems from a convenient central control panel and the new hire is onboarded in a matter of minutes, not hours, days or even weeks. (And FYI, all of this could be done within the HR department, for example, and not even require skilled IT staff).

Cloud Control’s proprietary batch onboarding combined with a proprietary templating feature allows managers to establish permission sets for entire categories of employees, so onboarding even dozens of new hires at one time takes only a few minutes longer than a single employee.