Is cloud email right for your operation?

(The answer is “yes” with the right delivery solution!)

Ceryx builds and manages messaging and collaboration platforms for dozens of the world’s largest enterprises. Over half of the Exchange seats we manage are with global companies exceeding $1 billion in annual revenues.

Our clients from Fortune 2000 brands span industries such as: Financial Services, Natural Resources, Real Estate, Retail, Travel, Professional Services, Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Information Technology and Non-Profit. Our focus, technical differentiators and decade-plus experience gives us the proven resume to deliver our demanding enterprise clients the benefits of the cloud without the compromise.

Ceryx delivers cloud-based email, messaging and collaboration services tailored to your requirements.

One of the most powerful differentiators Ceryx offers vs. the popular mass cloud providers is our array of cloud delivery options that can be tailored specifically to the requirements of the enterprise. Most cloud research analysts recommend cloud email first and foremost for SMB (small to medium sized business). Ceryx changes the game profoundly with our delivery solutions that remove cloud limitations.

  • Private Dedicated Cloud
  • Private Managed Cloud
  • Enterprise Cloud

Private Dedicated Cloud

Ultimate security — total flexibility

The Ceryx Private Dedicated Cloud is a messaging and collaboration platform designed and built to handle custom requirements, integration and configurations and is perfect for the enterprise who wants the advantages of the cloud while maintaining the most rigorous security solution.

When enterprises choose Ceryx’s Private Dedicated Cloud all of their concerns about security, reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness are addressed. The private dedicated cloud solutions are perfect for enterprises that must operate within the most stringent regulatory environments. Just a few of the compelling benefits (that the mass cloud vendors can’t touch!):

  • Data residency and disaster recovery configuration choice
  • 3rd party application integration: example custom archiving solutions
  • Specialized infrastructure tailorable for WAN acceleration and other requirements

Private Managed Cloud

Leverage your existing infrastructure

Our Private Managed Cloud solution is for the enterprise wishing to utilize existing infrastructure and/or on-premises facilities while enjoying the cost and operational benefits of a cloud-based solution. The Ceryx Private Managed Cloud delivers operational efficiencies and reduced costs in the administration and maintenance burden of their infrastructure and datacenters. Ceryx will manage existing infrastructure at the organization’s chosen data center while maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLA) and accommodating specific messaging and collaborations requirements.

Enterprise Cloud

Lowest TCO in an enterprise-ready solution

There is a reason that the mass cloud vendors cater primarily to the SMB sector: one small business looks pretty much like another. If you have 1,000 Exchange seats of more, your business really doesn’t fit into a standard, mass service model. The Ceryx Enterprise Cloud solution is perfect for the enterprise that requires a degree of regulatory compliance, high security and customization on a more economical platform. Ceryx has mastered the formula of shared economies in data center resources and infrastructure while fully eliminating the hassles of a typical shared environment like “noisy neighbors” and one-size-fits-all service plans. This solution is optimal for companies that have fewer than 3,000 distinct email addresses looking to avoid infrastructure investment altogether.

 image001  Office 365/Hybrid

“The Ceryx Office 365 Managed Cloud solution enables customers to deploy to implement and manage Office 365 public cloud without the inherent management and support complexities. This solution provides enterprises running in Office 365 an intuitive and simple solution to seamlessly manage Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and desktop applications in the cloud or in a hybrid deployment. When combined with Ceryx support services and Cloud Control, enterprises typically see a reduction in messaging resources of up to 50% or more. Available Office 365 deployment and management services include:
Cloud Control Management Portal
Office 365 Support Escalation Services
ADSA – Active AD Synchronization to Office 365
ADFS/DirSync deployment, management, and hosting
Office 365 Migration Service