Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What was announced at Worldwide Partner Conference 2014?
  2. What is Cloud Control™?
  3. Why choose Ceryx?
  4. Which products will be in included in this Program?
  5. What about pricing?

  1. What was announced at Worldwide Partner Conference 2014?

Backed with Ceryx’s record of delivering cloud savings, implementing and expertly managing Public and Private environments, Ceryx is now capable to support and manage Enterprises and SMBs in hybrid scenarios including Microsoft Office 365, all through a new version of Cloud Control™, Ceryx’s SaaS management platform.

  1. What is Cloud Control™?

Cloud Control™ is a unified management portal to manage Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office 365 systems, whether in the cloud or on-premises. While our expert team helps you ensure compliance, rapid user support, unparalleled monitoring and peak performance, Cloud Control enables you with self-service capabilities which dramatically reduce your escalation and support costs.

  1. Why choose Ceryx?

Ceryx is the only vendor in North America to give Enterprises and SMBs a simple and all-inclusive method to manage and support customers with Cloud Control and Office 365. In addition, with 15 years of messaging and collaboration experience, Ceryx can provide you with supplementary services such as Migration Services, Steady State Integration Management, Mobile Device Management, Archiving, Compliance and Data Loss Prevention.

We see the cloud as something that can reduce your business costs, lower risk and improve reliability.

  1. Which products will be in included in this Program?

No matter what you see in the cloud, Ceryx has the tools to move you from imagination to application. We’ll tailor a cloud solution for you that is simple, highly effective and vastly reduces your management needs. So if you see a better cloud in your future, we see a great partnership beginning today.

Please email for our complete list of Ceryx offerings.

  1. What about pricing?

Whether Enterprises or SMBs are already running on private, public, Office 365 and hybrid environments, Ceryx and Cloud Control™ allows you to manage them more easily and seamlessly.

With the great possibilities for deployment, pricing is best discussed according to factors such as environment, service offerings, and support models, Ceryx can provide you with the best possible offering to ensure your success with your customers.

       Please email us at or call us directly at 1.800.663.6245 for more inquiries.