HDI 2013: Annual World Conference for Technical Service and Support

Las Vegas, April 16 – 19

Ceryx’s CIO, Dr. Dave Penny will present “Controlling the Cloud: Support Professionals are not an Endangered Species”

Over the past couple of years, many small businesses have moved their core business applications, like email, to low-cost, commodity-based public clouds. A user demographic fluent in the use of computers coupled with simplified applications means that the need for help desk assistance has decreased considerably, and is thus less available than ever before. The situation is different for large enterprises. Until recently, the complexities of the application environment have, for the most part, kept these organizations from pursuing public-cloud deployment options. In this session, Dr. David Penny will explain how large enterprises can leverage the private-cloud SaaS model and he will share some of his company’s concrete data on help desk utilization in the private cloud.

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