Mobile access repaired in minutes

Why isn’t this key exec getting his mobile email?

An important executive from a multinational company is waiting for a crucial email to close one of the biggest deals in their pipeline. Suddenly he is panicking when he realized he is not getting his emails on his BlackBerry. He is at an offsite meeting and it’s crucial for him to receive this important communication.

The executive calls the support desk and a Tier1 agent, who for security purposes doesn’t have access to the backend servers, follows his standard procedure and try to provide some help. The Tier 1 takes valuable minutes from the executive telling him to take out his battery and reboot his mobile, which just irritates him more and doesn’t solve the problem. The agent has to escalate to Tier2, who in the best scenario deals with it right away. The second agent involved has to look for his VPN and remotely log into the BES server and figure out what’s causing the issue.

With CC there won’t be any frustration and the problem could have been solved by the Tier 1 agent, without ticket escalations and without involving additional resources. CC provides Tier 1 agents with a window to view device statistics without needing to log into the server and without giving them rights to perform all operations. This is just one example of how CC can reduce control costs by providing first tier support with reports and information that would help them solve problems, without compromising the security.

CC allows the Tier 1 agent to see why the executive is not getting email. It happened he was on the wrong server and can easily be flipped into the correct one. Even if organizations don’t allow Tier 1 to perform this operation, the cause has been easily and quickly identified and could still be solved in minutes.