Office 365 Large Enterprise

Office365 for Large Enterprises

At Ceryx, we see the cloud as something that can reduce your business costs, lower risk and improve reliability. But we know you need more than a vision; you need results. That’s why we’re proud to stand on our record of delivering cloud savings, implementing and expertly managing Public, Private and Hybrid clouds including Microsoft Office 365 and giving our partners and clients world-class support.


When we look at the modern cloud landscape, we see a lot of challenges. As messaging system management costs continue to rise, many firms are looking for cloud-based solutions. But while it’s true that an email deployment in the cloud typically only requires 50% of the resources to manage, the opposite occurs when a hybrid solution (partial on-premises and partial cloud) is required.

In these cases, the number of support resources often increases by as much as 50% and when file sharing and real-time collaboration of solutions are

added to the mix, the percentage is even higher. In addition to that, clients can experience problems with bandwidth, security, compliance, governance and user satisfaction. And with 100% of large enterprises running clouds in hybrid scenarios, it adds up to a lot of energy and resources spent solving these difficulties.

Ceryx Cloud ControlTM changes all that. It provides a unified management portal to manage Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office 365 systems, whether in the cloud or on-premises. When combined with services run by Ceryx, clients have typically seen a reduction in their management burden by up to 85%. At the same time, our expert team helps you ensure compliance, rapid user support, unparalleled monitoring and peak performance. Best of all, Cloud Control gives you self-service capabilities which dramatically reduce your escalation and support costs.

No matter what you see in the cloud, Ceryx has the tools to move you from imagination to application. We’ll tailor a cloud solution for you that is simple, highly effective and vastly reduces your management needs. So if you see a better cloud in your future, we see a great partnership beginning today.

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