Award winning email, messaging and collaboration services

Technology and expertise helps you move to the cloud without risk.

In addition to Cloud Control, our proprietary technology platform, Ceryx has decades of combined staff experience in advanced messaging and collaboration solution design-and-build operations. Because we specialize in Microsoft-based email systems, our skill set is focused. We aren’t trying to master the entire span of IT operations that a strategic outsourcer has to grapple with. That’s why many world-class strategic outsourcers like IBM turn to Ceryx for messaging & collaboration partner engagements!

Our CIO says it best. “Our people are the staff you’d hire if you were doing this yourself.”

Take the Ceryx challenge. Before your next anticipated mail platform project, call Ceryx for a no-obligation project consultation. Let us walk you through our best practices recommendations. You’ll see why dozens of global enterprises have fully entrusted their messaging system requirements to Ceryx year after year. We’re the folks that they would have hired themselves if they hadn’t outsourced to us.

Custom Request Process

We do what the public cloud guys can’t

One of the biggest impediments to cloud adoption for enterprise is lack of flexibility. Regulated enterprise whose IT is governed by policy has its own requirements and rules. If one platform worked for everyone, life would be simple. But it isn’t. Is it possible to customize your cloud experience – and not mortgage the farm to get what you want? Ceryx says YES!

Ceryx provides customized solutions specific to enterprises’ internal systems, procedures and security requirements. We work with partners and customers to constantly enhance Cloud Control (our administrative control environment) and the underlying cloud service experience. This helps drive more functionality into their cloud service with Ceryx, maintain their security and standard operating procedures while retaining control. We’ve completed over 200 customizations to date in our cloud services that include:

  • Security/Control/Auditing – Development of security filters for denying access to Public Cloud (Exchange, OWA, ActiveSync and Cloud Control) services, unless end user request originates from authorized customer network.
  • Auditing/Reporting – SharePoint reporting to track current and changed state of user, site and data permissions. Report available to customer via Cloud Control.
  • Archiving/eDiscovery – Archiving of Lync 2010 instant messaging service in Private Cloud. Add-on customization to existing email archiving solution.

The best news about our customer requirements model is that we massively subsidize our work as part of our overall service, so you’ll never experience the “gotcha!” moment typical of the larger SI and outsource shops that seem to make up their margin on change requests.

Custom Applications

Delivering greater customization

Ceryx’s infrastructure and Cloud Control provide flexibility to deliver customized solutions specific to internal systems, procedures and security requirements. Ceryx works with partners and customers to constantly enhance Cloud Control and encourages them to request new features to help them drive industry best practices while retaining greater customization and control.


Seamless integration without interruptions

Ceryx specializes in helping enterprises move from existing messaging platforms and integrating legacy applications. Whether moving from on-premises 2003, 2007, 2010, Novell Groupwise, Lotus Notes, or a range of other popular platforms, Ceryx has the experience and tools to conduct migrations that seamlessly integrate with existing applications without service disruptions.

Expert Support

Exceeds all industry standards

Ceryx provides clients with an Expert Desk staffed with professionals trained to solve problems quickly and effectively. Ceryx consistently meets, and even exceeds, the industry-leading support standards:

  • 96% of tickets resolved by the person taking the initial call
  • Professional support staff – who have an average of between 5 and 7 years of relevant experience and certified in core technologies and processes, including:
  • HDI – Help Desk Institute
  • Exchange, SharePoint, OCS and related MS technologies (MCP, MCTS, MCITP)
  • BlackBerry Support (BCST, BCSST, BCESC)

Regulatory Compliance

Essential peace of mind

At Ceryx, we know that enterprises need to feel confident that their systems and data are kept secure at all times. Ceryx ensures the highest level of security by building it into every technology solution and into day-to-day operating procedures. As a result, Ceryx addresses the three areas of security essential for enterprises to operate with peace-of-mind and in compliance with relevant regulations: confidentiality, data integrity and availability.

Operational excellence at every level

Service Delivery

Enterprise customers benefit from a Service Delivery Coordinator who regularly reaches out armed with a comprehensive reporting package that provides the metrics and service information demanded by enterprise IT leaders. The Ceryx Service Delivery team augments these reports with insights and suggestions based on an intimate knowledge of our customers’ current operations practices and growth plans. Service Delivery meetings are an opportunity for the customer to understand new initiatives within Ceryx, to voice any concerns they may have, to discuss and prepare for the future, follow-up on any outstanding items, and to design methods to more effectively coordinate activities. Our Service Delivery team is key to ensuring that our customers’ IT groups seamlessly integrate with Ceryx’s support teams to deliver value and service excellence to the enterprise.

Service Implementation

During onboarding, customers benefit from a Service Implementation Coordinator to direct all aspects of these complex projects, tailored to the project discipline needs of our customers. These Service Implementation Coordinators are migration experts that bring years of experience seamlessly moving enterprise customers from other messaging platforms to a Ceryx solution. This team is backed by some of the industry’s top messaging architects, developers and support personnel to ensure that even the most complex migration requirements are incorporated into our proven processes.

Solutions Architecture

Our expert Solutions Architects discover, design, document and especially take ongoing responsibility for the correct architecture that meets our customer’s enterprise needs, be it Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, Active Directory, Archiving, Mobility, Encryption, Security, Email Routing, Storage Design, Network Connectivity, or Custom Solutions. In the private cloud deployment scenario, all details are shared with our customers, explained, and discussed. Our architectures are Enterprise-Grade, with high-availability (no single points of failure) across all solution components, and full Disaster recovery with business continuity to geographically remote data centers for fast recovery times and shortened recovery points.

Software Development

Ceryx employs a full-time staff of software developers that are responsible for enhancing and customizing the systems. Many “out-of-the-box” enterprise solutions can only reach their full potential through leveraging their open APIs to make the systems do what they otherwise could not. Ceryx’s disciplined and professional approach to software development ensures our customers can take advantage of the native expandability of off-the-shelf products so important to maximize the value in these products for the enterprise.

Enterprise Operations

Ceryx Operations teams use ITIL-based methodologies and tools to ensure operational excellence.

All changes potentially impacting the customer are logged, tested, assessed, and coordinated with the customer using a rigorous change control process tailored to mesh with our customers’ IT policies.

Ceryx deploys an extensive set of monitoring tools reflecting our expert and ever-evolving knowledge of messaging and collaboration systems. Alerts are escalated 24×7 and any potentially impactful events are immediately communicated to our customer to allow for a coordinated and effective reaction.

Systems capacity is constantly monitored and assessed and kept at a level that allows for unexpected growth without negatively impacting existing services. While full and open disclosure occurs at all times, the advantage of the Cloud model is that Ceryx takes on this role and any capital expenditures required without the risk of increased and unexpected expenditures from our customers.