SOLUTIONS: Cloud Control Analytics & Reporting

Cloud Control Analytics & Reporting


Eliminate nuisance requests and wasted cycles!

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Cloud Control provides a full suite of in-depth analysis and reports required by enterprise to better manage their email system. The intuitive menu-driven commands enable permissioned staff to run dozens of useful reports, statistics and analyses with ease. Reports can be auto-scheduled and sent to management lists.

Unlike Microsoft’s PowerShell, Cloud Control does not require expert users to generate reports. Dozens of useful, menu-selectable reports present valuable usage data without the wasted cycles of running ad hoc reports.


    • Cloud Control’s simple, intuitive controls reduce the requirement for expert users – lower-cost Tier 1 support personnel can generate reports, statistics and analyses.
    • In-depth analysis and reports give you the data you need to better manage and reduce inefficient storage usage or eliminate unused email accounts.
    • All reports can be auto-scheduled and sent to management lists.