SOLUTIONS: Cloud Control Help Desk Optimization

Cloud Control: Help Desk Optimization


Dramatically reduce support costs by 85% or more!

A major flaw in TCO (total cost of ownership) models for cloud services lies in help desk support. You can outsource your applications to the cloud, but you still have to pay for support. Cloud Control dramatically reduces your support costs by reducing tickets, reducing ticket escalation and securely delegating numerous support request types to user self-serve (which they prefer!)

Cloud Control combines the power of User Identity Management with extensive delegation capabilities, so your lowest-cost support staff can be more productive within their permission set.

Imagine over 96% of all support tickets resolved on the first call to your help desk.

Fewer Tier 2 ticket escalations can reduce your required staff skill requirements and shorten MTTR.

Cloud Control provides your help desk as well as more senior SysAdmin level techs with more delegated power to serve users. Granular security parameters that you set, combined with comprehensive auditing ensures that you can safely delegate more support tasks to lower-level (lower cost!) staff, without any sacrifice in security.

Are you running separate help desks or agent groups for Exchange vs. Mobility vs. other services? Cloud Control unifies the support process to one, seamless flow such that a single agent group can easily handle virtually all tickets. Cloud Control also interfaces with most API-supported ticketing systems, so “dual-screen, swivel chair” support is eliminated.




  • Secure, delegation lets you download most Tier 2 and SysAdmin tickets to your Tier 1 help desk.
  • 96% of all Exchange and Active Directory related service tickets are resolvable on one contact.
  • Cloud Control offers a unified, centralized view of all user plans, including Sharepoint, Lync, and mobility users, and reduces or eliminates “silo-service” and the user frustration it causes.
  • Secure, delegated self-service helps users avoid the Help Desk altogether.
  • Context-sensitive help files and a comprehensive knowledge base complete the package for maximum user-satisfaction at the lowest enterprise cost of support.