ENTERPRISE MESSAGING, Office 365, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2010, Legacy Mail Platforms

Ceryx Solutions: Enterprise Messaging

Office 365

Public Cloud and Hybrid solutions that work!

A move to Office 365 can be a great way to reduce the costs and complexities of managing on-premises infrastructure but your applications still require management expertise. With Cloud Control, Ceryx ensures that your enterprise can easily and cost effectively manage your Office 365 suite of applications from a single easy-to-use interface, even in a hybrid or Identity Synchronized model that natively requires multiple portals to administer. Eliminate complex PowerShell scripts and simplify administrative functions so they can be delegated to the tier 1 help desk eliminating costly escalations. Granular permissions and logging ensure that you maintain full control over who has the ability to perform operations and on which accounts with a full log of activity for compliance and governance reporting and alerting. This is just a small sampling of the value Cloud Control and Ceryx managed services provide for your enterprise Office 365 or hybrid deployment.

Exchange 2013

Don’t be satisfied with “current” – be better!

Many enterprises consider their 2013 migration to be “mission accomplished.” Ceryx can take your messaging and collaboration much further, with incremental cost reduction and performance enhancements on a number of fronts.
With Cloud Control, Ceryx helps enterprises leverage Exchange 2013 to streamline productivity and increase performance levels. Start by simplifying administration, eliminating complex PowerShell commands and scripting routines with all the staff overhead and maintenance that comes with a typical Exchange 2013 setup. Get all of your Active Directory-based services (Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, ActiveSync, BES and others) under a single pane of glass for management, support and administration. Delegate tasks formerly managed by costly Tier 2 technicians and SysAdmins down to your Tier 1 help desk – safely and with audited security. This is merely the surface of what Cloud Control can do to help you reduce cost and improve user satisfaction in Exchange 2013.

Exchange 2010

Get more from your version of Exchange

Not every enterprise is in a position to move to Exchange 2013 immediately. But there’s no reason they have to settle for sub-optimal features and capabilities. Powered by Cloud Control, your Exchange 2010 service can offer up significant incremental benefits not easily captured in an on-premises system – if at all.

  • Reduce cost via headcount, process improvement and other TCO layers
  • Improve support, user management, provisioning and overall user experience
  • Increase security with active monitoring and auditing of all system activity

Best of all, on the Ceryx Exchange 2010 solution, your move to 2013 or Office 365 (when you are ready to go) can be a near-seamless experience, fully managed by Ceryx.

Legacy Mail Platforms

Exchange 2007

When obsolescence becomes critical…

No Enterprise willingly chooses to operate on two-generations old technology. You want updated features and functionality and you need vendor support in a high-availability environment. Yet with each passing quarter, your aging platform accumulates user frustration and incremental operating risk. Ceryx fully understands the factors that are likely impeding your decision to upgrade.

  • Budget restrictions?
  • Migration risks?
  • 3rd party legacy application integration issues?

Ceryx has seen every legacy issue imaginable that holds an Enterprise back from updating an obsolete system. In fact, our current platform actively supports Microsoft platforms back to 2007. So no one is better qualified to plan your system upgrade. We’ll show you guaranteed TCO reduction, and a safe and transparent migration plan. If you have finicky legacy applications to integrate, we can demonstrate our track record in hundreds of special requirements projects. It’s what we do.

Novell Groupwise or Lotus Notes

Migrating to Microsoft Exchange made easy

Nothing can be more disempowering than intertia-based management. You’d like to move off of your legacy email system, but the costs, risks and user disruption are holding you back. Ceryx can help. For over ten years we’ve built our business by migrating enterprise messaging & collaboration services safely and efficiently from a Groupwise or Notes source platform to a state-of-the art cloud-based Exchange solution.