ENTERPRISE MESSAGING, Migration, SPAM Management, Message Archiving

Ceryx Solutions: Enterprise Messaging

Why cloud email doesn’t work for enterprise…(until now).

Large enterprise has been leery of cloud-solutions for good reason. TCO (total cost
of ownership) is arguably lower, but not low enough to justify the risks in moving
off-premise. And cloud “scale” benefits often come at the cost of sophistication and
compliance typically required by enterprise.

Ceryx changes all that.

Ceryx provides a completely different approach for enterprises looking to outsource
their email without sacrificing functionality and security. We help organizations move
their email messaging & collaboration systems to a private cloud solution that increases
control and security above and beyond what they may have experienced on-premises.
Our business case is superior to that of standard cloud services because our
solution addresses the help desk operation, which is one of the biggest cost-drivers in
enterprise email.

Limitless customization and increased productivity.

Powered by Cloud Control, our sophisticated and highly granular administrative
interface, Ceryx streamlines productivity and increases performance levels. Our system
features simplify administration, expand access options and offer increased protection for
mail communication.

Unlike mass-market public cloud providers, Ceryx offers limitless configuration and
customization options – most of which the enterprise controls themselves. Our clients
experience the benefits of the cloud – without the compromises.

Ceryx offers:

  • Three deployment options: private cloud, private managed and enterprise cloud
  • Cloud Control – our granular administrative portal that replaces complicated scripting, staff costs and offers “single pane of glass” control over all your Active Directory-connected services
  • Lowest TCO through operational efficiency and ease of administration
  • Complete compliance with security and regulatory measures
  • Integration with on premise and third party applications


Even the best cloud solutions, such as those from Ceryx, cannot be effective unless the users can be safely migrated. Ceryx specializes in helping enterprises move from existing messaging platforms while integrating legacy applications, without fuss, risk or prohibitive costs. We fully support migrations from on-premises Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Novell Groupwise, Lotus Notes, and a range of other popular platforms. We have many hundreds of successful migrations under our belts and the client references to show for it.


Ceryx’s solutions offer higher levels of confidentiality than typical on-premises solutions. Key features that ensure that your systems and data are protected from unauthorized access include:

  • Hardened and dedicated enterprise firewalls
  • Intrusion detection
  • Threat Management Gateways
  • Encrypted backups

Data Integrity

Ceryx’s solutions – accessible via Cloud Control – safeguards data – preventing, detecting and tracking changes to data. Key features that ensure data integrity include:

  • Granular access controls for administrators
  • Audit logging
  • Restricted access to audit log information
  • Intrusion detection


Ceryx’s solutions are designed to ensure that you can access your data, when you need it. Key availability features include:

  • Disaster recovery facilities
  • Data redundancy

Because ensuring clients’ security is a corporate priority, Ceryx has honed its operating procedures to achieve, and maintain, compliance with:

  • HIPAA/HITECH requirements
  • ISO 27001 and SAS 70 (Type II) standards
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) requirements

SPAM Management

Ceryx’s proprietary anti-spam solution is a fully managed service that controls all the spam filters, whitelists and configurations. The service uses a multi-layered approach with a sophisticated, heuristic rule-based system of thousands of mail filters that gains intelligence over time.

Our Email Firewall solution is monitored 24×7 by Ceryx’s Network Operations Center (NOC) team of messaging specialists and requires no hardware or software installation. Mail Exchange (MX) records are rerouted to Ceryx to be inspected by Email Firewall before it reaches the organization’s network.

Message Archiving & Compliance

Ceryx provides a range of tools and services to protect and secure enterprises’ corporate data. Our systems have been designed to work with a number of different archiving vendors and can accommodate specific and custom requirements.

Ceryx can ensure that all messages are archived and securely stored in a separate facility. Ceryx’s high availability and replicated technology ensures enterprises will always have access to any historical messages, even those that have been deleted. Additionally, every subscriber gains secure access to archived email through a convenient browser-based interface allowing clients to view, reply to, forward, print or download historical email. Our archiving solutions conform to National Security Agency (NSA) level encryption for the highest protection of corporate data. Find out more.